BetterMinds Platform Features

BetterMinds is a revolutionary communications platform that proactively assesses the mental well-being of each student and provides actionable insights, encouragement and intervention.

Wellness-Based Text Campaigns

BetterMinds utilizes wellness-based text campaign constructs, inspiring unbiased data to assess each student’s mental well-being. Research-based supportive text replies promote engagement, empower self-awareness and encourage good habit building. Custom campaigns can be created at the school, or district level, to communicate and collect information relevant to each student body.

  • Engage your student body
  • Connect and inspire
  • Collect real-time data on the well-being of your student body
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Custom Text Campaigns

Design and build custom text campaigns to survey or collect information from your student body. The text campaign builder is fast and easy allowing you to create and schedule your campaign in minutes.

  • Promote school events
  • Survey your student body
  • Send target campaigns to segments of students
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Keyword / Phrase Interventions

The BetterMinds platform contains a comprehensive list of keywords that when triggered start an intervention. Flagged keywords are routed 24/7 to predetermined individuals within the administration for proactive intervention. Keywords can be added based on need, relevant school initiatives and unforeseen events causing an impact on social, emotional and mental well-being.

  • Proactive encouragement and risk mitigation
  • Routable notifications for strategic handling of interventions
  • One-on-one secure messaging
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Individual Conversations

BetterMinds delivers the power of one-on-one messaging right from the student profile. Engage students individually and work interventions from a single location.

  • Secure messaging
  • View messaging history with staff and Bax (the BetterMinds bot)
  • Work interventions
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24/7 Real-Time Intervention

Bax is there for your students, 24/7. Flagged keywords and phrases marked for intervention are responded to immediately and can be routed to a BetterMinds 24/7 Intervention Support Manager for immediate intervention.

  • Constant and consistent support for your students
  • Proactive risk mitigation
  • Real person intervention available
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Reporting and Analytics

Data is knowledge. The BetterMinds platform delivers real-time analytics and actionable insights on the overall engagement of your campaigns as well as the overall mental well-being of your student body.

  • Real-time data and analytics
  • Actionable insights
  • BetterMinds MindScore™ – An overall assessment of the mental well-being of your student body.
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BetterMinds MindScore™

BetterMinds aggregates real-time data in a user-friendly, administrator dashboard that measures and displays selected campaigns and overall Student MindScore™. Continuous feedback and instant insights provide an invaluable and unique perspective on a holistic, or granular level, to essential demographic information.

  • Self-reported data
  • Know the overall mental well-being of your student body
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